Welcome to the Dub Clinique

Dub Clinique exists to promote high quality music to an audience who’s tastes lean towards tunes with depth, soul and perception.

Dub Clinique imposes no limitations on it’s artists believing instead that artists should be allowed the full creative freedom to express themselves on all their compositions. This is what Dub Clinique stands by and this ethos will never change.

The label is distributed by SRD and material from the label is available to purchase from all good music outlets.


Relapse – Overthink EP :: FORTHCOMING

The sixth release on Dub Clinique oozes minimal rhythms & pacing breaks from Relapse. Rough cut breaks over deep sub & overt atmospherics mean business in its entirety. Dark soundscapes & raw musicality from Relapse see each track add to the EP conceptually; sci-fi & cinematic sound design grace production prowess.

Relapse - Overthink EP

Merge – Chanting EP :: OUT NOW

Merge’s production hits hard throughout Chanting; dark & twisted bass lines intertwined with pacing breaks sets the immediate mood, maintained throughout the track list. Ambient soundscapes thrust upon lashing rhythm oozing dub, watch out!

Receiving support from various DJ’s in the scene

Merge Chanting EP

DCQ005 – Merge – Chanting EP – OUT NOW

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1. Chanting

2. Long Time Ting

3. King

4. Stix & Stones

Chanting presents itself as a pacing and ambient rhythms gracefully moving through the arrangement, carrying it forward. The deep sub sweeps underneath adding a 3rd dimension, consistent throughout the whole E.P.

Long Time Ting continues the chugging pace and effortless soundscape alongside King; the melodic pads and sound design in Long Time Ting is film like, reinforced rhythms reinventing themselves at every turn of the track.

King commands immediate attention with regal production prowess demonstrated the moment you play the track; dub infused sound design & percussion.

Stix & Stones presents a more classic jungle sound maintaining the blueprint ambience and quality embedded in the track list.

Upcoming artist Merge shows his talent with this FREE DOWNLOAD for his forthcoming EP on Dub Clinique.

OUT NOW on Dub Clinique

THE 4 PUNCH COMBO E.P – Various Artists




This is Dub Clinique’s forth release (Clip’s) and we are happy to present The 4 Punch Combo E.P, courtesy of DC’s head honchos Threshold & Jamma, with a track featuring Demented Soul, with a special remix from; Disarae.
Release Date: MAY 5th 2014 – Keep in the loop @DubClinic (Twitter)

A. Combo 4 – Threshold
B. Punch The Speaker (Issues Mix) – Jamma Feat. Demented Soul & Threshold
C. Chupid – Threshold
D. Combo 4 (Disarae Remix) – Threshold




Strong DJ support from Breakage, Loxy, Double 0, Mantra, and more.

Available from all good music outlets.
Distributed by S.R.D.



Theory – Frenemy / Let Me

Theory, a true veteran of D&B delivers his high quality level of production for the next release on Dub Clinique.

Frenemy pays homage to the Dub Reggae sound of the late 70s. Roots Rock Reggae drums coupled with a dubwise bassline that will shake any dance floor provide the canvas for this track and are cleverly crafted into a very modern-sounding, if not futuristic take on the classic sound of old.


Let Me

DJ support from Breakage, Threshold, Jamma, Double O & Mantra and others.

Distributed by S.R.D. and available from all quality music stores.

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 ID4 – Apollo Killa / Disarae – Fair Play


 Apollo Killa from ID4. Superbly staggered break beats, penetrating bass stabs and a sci-fi-esque atmosphere are fused together in this excellent offering from one of Drum & Bass’s freshest talents.

DJ support from Breakage, Threshold, Antidote, Double O & Mantra and others.

Disarae completes the first release from Dub Clinique with his stunning track entitled Fair Play. Showing one of many styles he is capable of producing, Disarae takes an excursion into the deep end of the Drum & Bass spectrum using depth and space to maximum effect..

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